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Special Guardianship Advice

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I’m in a very sticky situation and I don’t really know how to deal with it? From the day my daughter was born social services turned up 4 hours after and told me and her dad that we were being taken to court due to her father apparently being a “risk to her “ at 3 days old me and my daughter and shipped 2 hours away from home in a mother and baby foster placement in xxxx away from all family and friends who would of been my support network and then social services started to intimidate me and make me feel down about my parenting I had no help from no one and at xxx this is extremely hard when you have pnd as well as social services watching your every move they convinced me that her dad was abusive so I parted from him and then he had forensic risk assessment done and proved he wasn’t a risk at all but i wasn’t aloud to speak to him? Then they told me that if I left placement and my daughter it would look better on me as they were going to remove my daughter from my care but what they weren’t telling me was they had been playing me and my daughters dad from day1 telling us two different things and then when I came back to xxxxxxx I spoke to my daughters father and we realized how much they had got into my head I’ve never been so hurt in my intire life..the special guardians order was placed and now we are doing everything we can but it doesn’t seem enough help?
Please help.

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